Company Profile

About Victoria International

Victoria International Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995, as a subsidiary of erstwhile Victoria Produce Pty Ltd group that has been in South Africa since 1965. As the word “International” indicates, the primary objective of Victoria International has to focus on growing opportunities of international trade and services for African countries. Over the years, Victoria International has experienced steady growth to become a dynamic medium sized company o and representatives in other African countries. Our four major area of operation are:


We represent a number of reputed manufacturing organizations for African market. We supply chemicals and raw material to a wide range of industries. To do this efficiently, we own and manage warehouses near ports of Durban and Cape Town and distribution network to Southern African countries namely Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zaire, Namibia, Botswana, DRC, Angola and of course South Africa. Our customers rely on us to handle the vagaries of imports and ensure their factories operate with just in time inventory levels.


Southern Africa is rich in mineral wealth and agriculture produce. Victoria International has become a reliable company that mine owners and customers rely in an efficient, cost effective manner..Over the years, we have grown to ship more than 100 containers a month. Our specialty is with chartering vessel and shipping bulk cargo. In addition to exports out of Southern Africa, we also focus on merchanting trade transactions to assist with requirement of various African countries for products around the world.


Manufacturing locally is born out of a natural growth in terms of service levels that we are providing to our principals overseas. From re-packaging to producing value added products, we offer our principals a variety of services. Traditionally we have focused on solid products that comes in or packed in bags. New manufacturing plans for liquid products like bio-diesel and lubricant plant is currently underway.


Victoria International is BEE Level 2 contributor. More importantly it prides itself on being a truly African organization that is passionately involved in doing its bit to improve our society. To this end we are proud of creating innovative social programs. Some of the main ones are listed below: