Plant optimization & New Start Up

Victoria provides complete engineering and constructions services from basic engineering through procurement and start-up to ensure a cost-effective and on-time completion of your new plant or modernization project.

Our process team will

  • evaluate your process
  • analyse (with you) how to get the best return on investment
  • bring you operational ideas and techniques for your plant
  • optimize the operation and investment global cost, while reducing operating maintenance
  • design a flexible and evaluating production plant
  • design equipment matching your real needs
  • analyse cost benefit
  • offer quality and reliable solutions
  • propose unit simulation and trials
  • offer complete structured service from audit-expertise to staff training
  • anticipate your requirements and create innovative solutions.

Based on our process engineering expertise and experience, Victoria design and develop innovative solutions, especially dedicated to the paint and coating industry: −

  • original solutions and systems cleaning
  • solutions for production organisation
  • new designs of modular workshops, in-line systems, etc.

Our engineers will study how to optimize and improve your production performances: −

  • quality at the right price
  • just in time distribution manufacturing
  • direct savings on your paint production
  • reactivity of your production

Our concern for health and environment protection leads us to develop original solutions to: −

  • reduce effluent generation
  • reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • optimize the cleaning and recycling
  • implement safe processes and working conditions
  • work in closed systems

Victoria will find the right solutions to reduce adjustments, increase production and ensure product consistency: −

  • full recipe management with complete traceability
  • optimization of equipment use: dispersers, letdown tanks, grinding mills, filling and palletising lines, etc.

We will evaluate your needs and the requirements to reach sustainable development. We help you to prepare the future.

Typical savings resulting from a workshop upgrade

  • Decrease of material loss 50%
  • Reduction of effluents 40%
  • Adjustment reduction 30%
  • Reduction of maintenance/staff 90%
  • Storage optimisation 80%

Technical Consultancy

Process plants for the paint and coatings industry Formulatory help for a complete product range Creating value through integrated solutions.

We can help in many fields, from expert witnessing to formulating to plant management to environmental concerns to failure analysis and other fields. Our knowledge and experience cover different types of paints. (Decorative, Industrial, Automotive, Construction etc.)

Our Services

Formulation Techniques:

We do an extensive review of existing formulations & extend guidelines for any improvement. We help in development of innovative products by formulating new products for consulting firms.

Testing Procedures:

We help in establishing evaluation procedures and testing methods for. We also help in sourcing and procuring laboratory and test equipments.

Machinery Requirements:

We suggest appropriate machinery required for making the products (based on specifications of product). We help in sourcing the right machinery and provide extensive post sourcing support.

Application Techniques:

We provide extensive training to workforce which will help achieve required finish on the surfaces. Training includes explanation about tools and their usage, surface preparation and application procedures. Training is provided to production team, marketing team, contractors, and applicators.

Marketing Techniques:

Training the production & marketing teams in product marketing by helping in preparing marketing materials such as shade cards & panels. We do extensive comparison of our product with the competitor’s product in respect to technicality & pricing.

After Sales Service and Support:

At the heart of our customer service model is the support we offer our clients. We are always available to provide assistance and advice. We have a highly specialised and competent team responsible in correcting, perfecting, rectifying, patching, and fixing any issue or problem.

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